Your Health July 19, 2013 Vaccine may fight throat cancer

{}{} A cervical cancer vaccine may show promise of fighting throat cancer, as well.{}{}{}{} New research is the first evidence that shows the cervical cancer vaccine, Cervarix also appears to protect women against throat cancers.{}{}{}{} Researchers concluded Cervarix provided 93 percent protection against the two HPV strains that cause most throat cancers.{} Rates of throat cancers linked to oral sex have surged in the past 30 years, particularly among heterosexual middle-aged men.{}{} The study involved{} 5,800 sexually active women, ages 18-25, in Costa Rica.{}{} Researchers believe the cervical cancer vaccine would likely offer the same protection to men.{}{}{}{} The World Health Organization's International Agency for Research on Cancer conducted the study.

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