Look young and stay full: 5 anti-aging smoothie recipes

    Drink up!

    You are what you eat (or so they say.) So, if you’re hoping for younger, healthier-looking skin, you’d better load up on vitamins and antioxidants, and stay hydrated to keep your skin moisturized from the inside out. That means cutting down on processed foods, sodium, and excess sugar, and reaching for fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts instead.

    Looking for some inspiration? Smoothies are a great option when you’re looking for a snack or meal-on-the-go that’s both hydrating and nutrient-dense. These recipes are packed with the essentials you need to prevent wrinkles, under-eye circles, and other skin unpleasantries. Do yourself (and your skin) a favor and blend up one of these anti-aging smoothies next time you’re craving a refreshing and healthy snack.

    Super Green Smoothie

    Leafy greens are super nutrient dense, packed with Vitamins A, which can help reduce wrinkles, K, to diminish dark circles, and E, that will keep your skin hydrated and healthy. In juice form, you’ll absorb all that goodness more quickly. Think of it as a smoothie multivitamin, with added antioxidants to combat free radicals that can permanently kill off healthy skin cells.

    Get the recipe at citronlimette.com.

    Coconut Water, Berry, and Kale Smoothie

    The coconut water featured in this smoothie is loaded with hydrating potassium and electrolytes, which, as an added bonus, may help offset the sodium intake that’s causing those pesky under-eye circles. The berries bring the antioxidants, while flax seeds are powerful anti-inflammatories that can help with common skin conditions like rosacea, acne, and dermatitis. Brazil nuts are full of moisturizing omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E, plus, have you ever tried nuts in a smoothie? Trust us; it’s delicious.

    Get the recipe at helloglow.co.

    Coconut Tumeric Smoothie

    The turmeric in this smoothie brings even more antioxidants to detox your body and skin. We’ve already mentioned how great coconut can be for your skin, plus it can also help your body to build collagen naturally. So, do the chia seeds, not to mention their omega-3 fatty acids that are vital to rebuilding your skin cell walls. Add in the pineapple and banana for a boost of potassium, and a tropical flair.

    Get the recipe at FoodMatters.com.

    Superfood Smoothie

    What makes a superfood a superfood? Is it the vitamins? The antioxidants? Is there any requirement on good flavor? Well, this smoothie has all three, with amino acids that build new cells, vitamins and minerals to build a healthy immune system, and the ubiquitous antioxidants so necessary for fighting premature aging. Throw in the healthy fats (not to mention added creaminess) from the almond butter, and we’re sold.

    Get the recipe at BeWell.com.

    Glowing Skin Smoothie

    If you’re looking to improve the overall tone of your skin, try this smoothie to bring out your natural glow that’s maybe been in hiding for a while. The avocado is extra hydrating and has those healthy fats that are essential to supple skin. And the mango will help give a rosy glow to dull looking skin. Kale, bananas, and pineapple also make an appearance, rounding out the flavor in this ultra-thick smoothie and bringing more youth-inducing nutrients.

    Get the recipe at SallysBakingAddiction.com.

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