Francisco siblings earn the The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Star Citizen award

    Francisco siblings

    On May 29, 2018, 9-year-old Onayda and 10-year-old Erik Francisco were home alone when an armed man broke into their house. The man is believed to have committed another burglary close by where no one was home before coming to the Francisco’s house and breaking in through a back window.

    Onayda called 911 and she and Erik hid in the bathroom. The 911 call was routed to Birmingham PD. Onayda told them the address and the call was transferred to Tarrant PD. Onayda stayed on the line with the dispatcher and relayed information from Erik about the suspect. Tarrant Police arrived on scene and the suspect fled out a window and attempted to hide under the house. SWAT and K9 teams were called in from the Sheriff’s Office and Birmingham PD. The suspect was captured.

    The actions of these children demonstrated incredible bravery in the face of an uncertain outcome.

    Onayda and Erik, you have EARNED THE STAR!

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