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Israel Jones earns The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Star Citizen award

Israel Jones is this month's winner of the Star Citizen award.

Mr. Israel Jones runs the Israel Jones Community Development Center in Bessemer, Alabama. The Center offers a helping hand to neighbors and those in the community who are in times of need. Some of the programs available are Christian-based counseling, a food pantry, referrals to organizations that can provide additional assistance as needed. In addition, they provide homework help to at risk youth who are struggling to keep their grades up in school and they provide a backpack program so that youth seeking assistance can have the school supplies needed to be successful. There is a job training for those who are lacking the basic skills needed in the workforce.

Israel Jones saw a need in his community and stepped up to meet the challenge. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and Talk of Alabama would like to thank Mr. Israel Jones for your efforts and service. You have EARNED THE STAR!

Watch Israel’s recent interview on Talk of Alabama.

To learn more about the Star Citizen award, and to nominate someone, please visit

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