This college student's car broke down, and what happened next is unbelievable

    These simple acts of kindness are the epitome of what it means to be a Star Citizen.

    College student Walter Carr started his first day with Bellhops Moving Company the same day that Jenny Lamey and her family were moving and had hired nine of Bellhops’ movers.

    On moving day and Walter’s first day on the job, Walter was escorted to Jenny’s home by a local area police department. Jenny discovered that Walter's car had broken down the night before. Walter walked 20 miles overnight to get to work on his day one.

    Jenny, an extremely happy customer, posted her appreciation for Walter on Facebook, and it went viral overnight. His story of determination was picked up across major news outlets worldwide. Shortly after, Bellhops CEO Luke Marklin heard about Walter’s story. Marklin was so inspired by Jenny's Facebook post and Walter’s determination and strong work ethic, that he gifted Walter his personal vehicle so Walter could get to class and work.

    Star Citizen Jenny Lamey

    Jenny is a business owner, wife, and mother. By just giving a simple 'thank you' and a virtual pat on the back for Walter Carr she made a huge impact—bigger than anyone could have imagined. Jenny Lamey's simple act of kindness is the epitome of what it means to be a Star Citizen.

    Star Citizen Luke Marklin

    Luke is a business owner, husband, and father. Most CEOs would have just said 'thanks' to an employee for showing up to work on time but Luke recognized something special in Walter. Luke Marklin went above and beyond simple recognition when he selflessly gave his personal vehicle to Walter. He saw a special young man and a need that he could fulfill. Luke is a Star Citizen for his selfless attention to his employee and his needs. Thanks for all the good vibes, Luke!

    Do you know someone who has gone above and beyond to be a good neighbor in our local communities? If so, nominate them to be a Star Citizen at

    To learn more about Walter’s Story visit: Walter Carr Fan Page

    To learn more about Bellhops Moving Company, visit or

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