Auburn assistant basketball coach Chuck Person faces corruption charges

Auburn basketball assistant coach Chuck Person faces corruption charges.

Auburn University assistant basketball coach Chuck Person, a former NBA star, is now caught up in a bribery and corruption scandal that’s rocked college basketball to its core.

Person is one of 10 people arrested—including assistant basketball coaches from Arizona, Oklahoma State and Southern California.

The alleged bribe

Person is accused of receiving $91,500 from a financial advisor turned government witness.

The bribe was designed to ensure that two unnamed Auburn players, who were hot NBA prospects, retained the services of that financial advisor and bought clothes from an Atlanta men’s shop owner.

Some Auburn students say the indictment against Person hurts the school’s image.

“Auburn doesn’t need to have that kind of public image,” said Auburn sophomore Daniel Paty. “Every institution wants to be looked on as good.”

Person’s alleged meeting with an unnamed Auburn player

One part of the indictment showcases a meeting between Person and an unnamed Auburn basketball player called Player 1.

According to the federal indictment, Person told the Auburn player “Don’t share (this) with any of the teammates. That’s very important cause this is a violation of rules. But this is how the NBA players get it done.”

Person’s suspended

Auburn University immediately suspended Person without pay. The university said in a statement: “This morning’s news is shocking. We are saddened, angry and disappointed.”

Students are glad Auburn took quick action to suspend Person.

“The suspension without pay was definitely the right move. And to do it quickly too,” said Auburn senior Chuck Ayers.

Now, Auburn students are wondering what this all means from an NCAA perspective.

Will there be an NCAA investigation? Could there eventually be NCAA penalties?

This story is only just beginning.

You can read the federal indictment below.

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