Customers claim credit repair biz is a rip-off. BBB gives Bounceback Credit "F" rating.

Customers claim they lost hundreds of dollars trying to fix their credit

Berkietta Clifton and her family live in a cramped Hoover apartment. They have dreams of buying their own home. Those plans are gone for now after they say a bad experience with a credit repair company cost them hundreds of dollars.

Clifton had some old student loan debt she needed to clear. She tells us she saw an ad on Facebook for Bounceback Credit Repair Services. But after spending $800 dollars, she says she saw no movement in her credit score.

The Better Business Bureau has ten similar complaints against Bounceback and has issued an alert to customers. The agency says it has gotten no response from the company which now has an F rating with the BBB.

ABC3340 tried to track the business at three office locations. Two managers said owner Tara Dailey did not pay her rent and had moved. We tried to reach the company through calls and facebook before getting an email response.

Bounceback Credit Repair Owner Tara Dailey:

"Good evening, our attorney is well aware of your intentions and are preparing a lawsuit for Defamation once you air your story. Due to the privacy of customers secured information, we must gain authority to release detailed information. Our services are binded by a contract that all customers equally agree and adhere to. Customers that follow the instructions within this contract, finish our service in a timely manner and have a great success rate. Customers that don’t do their part, become threatening, violent, and take no accountability for it. I’ll have you know that we have serviced over 3,000 clients in Birmingham. I’m sure your complaint(s) came from a very small percentage of that number. And mostly all were terminated due to a breach of contract, violent and/or threatening behavior, to which any size business has a right to terminate services under those grounds.

Please go ahead and respond with your full information along with any corporate offices you work under. We are not interested in a news story, but are prepared to take legal action. We have contracts on every single customer along with communication evidence via text and emails from those said customers.

I look forward to your response."

ABC3340 News has heard from several other customers with similar claims to Clifton's. They say when they started asking questions they were blocked from the facebook page and Dailey would not respond.

They tell us they paid hundreds of dollars and there were no results improving their credit. The BBB says demands to pay advance fees from credit repair companies should be a red flag. Always have a signed contract with any guarantees in writing. You should also have the option to cancel within three days.

Some have filed complaints with the Attorney General's office. Former employees also contacted our I-Team citing questionable practices.

Bounceback's facebook page says the company has offices in Georgia as well. A name change to One Merit Solutions was also announced.

To learn about fixing your own credit and warning signs a company might be scamming you:

To file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau:

To find government approved credit counselors:

Locally, Hope Inside offers free credit and money management counseling:

Gateway is another local resource in the Birmingham Metro Area:

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