Police get creative in campaign to warn drivers #didulockit


Your vehicle may be an easy target for thieves with unlocked car doors and valuables in plain sight. Now law enforcement is fighting back with a clever campaign on social media showing they do have a sense of humor.

Scrolling through twitter you'll see videos and pictures from local police departments featuring some funny stuff to reinforce an important message: #didulockit. "People pay attention to something that catches their eye," explains Pelham Police Department's Ainsley Allison. They're targeting the 9pm hour as families wind down for the night to check their cars.

"We'd love it to go statewide," remarks Allison. The twitter campaign was first launched by Hoover P.D. with others quickly joining in.

Hoover's officer Brian Hale recalls crimes in one small neighborhood where four guns were stolen from four unlocked vehicles. He says breaking a window is too noisy; thieves look for crimes of opportunity. "They're going to use their eyes first, then lift the door handle," says Hale. Estimates are two out of five drivers don't bother to hide their stuff in their vehicle, a quarter leave a wallet or purse in the car.

These crimes more common than you may realize. "We're seeing it all over Hoover and the metro area," remarks Hale. It's even happening in broad daylight at local businesses. The common theme: an unlocked car door and things like wallets and purses right where a thief can see them. The numbers tell the story: Nationwide 1.85 million thefts and $1.2 billion dollars worth of stuff taken.

Another scary thought, if someone breaks in your car they could grab the garage door opener which is basically a key to your house. Also very important, is to be sure to record your serial numbers from electronics. Without them, detectives have nothing to go on if something is stolen.

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