Learn the 'bed bug drill' before your next vacation stay

    Know the bed bug drill

    Before you head out on your next vacation, be sure you know how and where to check for bed bugs whether you are staying in a hotel, condo or rental home. The "bed bug drill" could save you a lot of problems.

    Experts recommend you keep your luggage in the bathroom. The shower and bathtub are the least likely places for bed bugs to hide. Use a flashlight to inspect where you sleep or sit. Bed bugs like to hide in the dark near a good food source which is most likely you. Check the mattress, head-board, and sheets for stains and behind framed pictures.

    If it's all clear, unpack in the bathroom and hang your clothes in the closet.

    This may sound extreme, but when you get home consider unpacking before you go inside your home. Wash all your clothes right away. And most importantly toss them in the dryer. Run a full cycle on high heat to kill any bugs and eggs.

    Then, put your bags in a black garbage bag and tie it up tight. Leave it out under the sun for a few hours.

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