Hackers spying on people through baby monitors and home cameras

Is someone watching your baby monitor?

Hackers can break into your phone, your t-v, and now your baby monitor potentially compromising a family's private moments. It's a lot more common than you may think.

First time mom Jamie Summit thinks her password protected baby monitor was hacked letting the world into her bedroom . "We looked and the camera had started moving. It started panning over to our bed where I breastfeed my son all day all night in that same spot. It's also our bedroom. It noticed no one was in bed and panned back over to our son," explains Summit. She cancelled the app on the monitor and was unsuccessful reaching the company to change the settings.

Where do those images go? In a matter of minutes, Cyber Security Expert Tanya Davis, pulled up websites, containing thousands of images from unsecured live webcams. Those videos playing out for anyone to access. Many are believed to be private cameras.

Davis says the problem of hacking into our smart devices is pervasive. To protect yourself, you have to be pro-active. Pick devices that put security first. Frequency hopping is when a device switches automatically. It doesn't stay on one channel and makes it harder for hackers to pick up the signal.

And another important tip: Davis says anti-virus and anti-malware software is an absolute must for your phones and computers. Also don't pick a name like "Emerson Family" for your wireless router. Choose a strong home password. Experts say opt for baby monitors with fewer features; they're harder to hack into. And, check the manufacturer's website to down-load any updates.

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