How safe is the Uber, Lyft or taxi you just ordered?

    How safe is the Uber, Lyft or taxi you just ordered? <p>{/p}
    • More than a million cars are on the road right now in Alabama under recall and in need of repair.
    • That may include your car — or even an Uber, Lyft or taxi.
    • When we order an Uber, Lyft or taxi, we expect the car to be safe. In most cases, it is.
    • But we also found that some have been recalled for safety defects.
    • And in most cases—the drivers didn’t know their cars needed repairs.

    Airline passengers get into Uber, Lyft’s and taxis. It’s the way they get around when they don’t want to drive themselves.

    Honor McDaniel occasionally orders a rideshare.

    “I expect them to do everything in their power to make their car as safe as possible,” says McDaniel.

    Alabama has one of the highest percentages of recalled cars on the road

    According to Carfax, Alabama ranks seventh in the country for having the highest percentage of recalled cars on the road that haven’t been repaired. Nearly one out of four cars. Here are the states that round out the Top 10: 1. Texas, 2. Mississippi, 3. Louisiana, 4. Hawaii, 5. New Mexico, 6. Oklahoma, 8. Arizona, 9. Arkansas and 10. Kentucky.

    Drivers for rideshare companies, like Uber and Lyft, often use their own cars to transport customers.

    What rideshare companies are saying

    Uber says drivers receive quarterly reminders to stay up-to-date on recall information.

    Lyft says, “Drivers make a continuous representation that their vehicle meets industry safety standards.”

    Most rideshare cars we checked had no recalls

    We used the free myCARFAX app to check several rideshare cars for recalls. Most had no recalls—like Terrence Hercules’ car. He’s an Uber and Lyft driver.

    “I’m taking passengers from A to B you know. I want to make sure when they come in my car, they’re safe,” says Hercules.

    Some rideshare cars need repairs

    But, we did find several rideshare cars that had been recalled.

    Lydia Miller’s 2015 Audi has a potential problem with an electric coolant pump that could lead to a fire. She plans to get it fixed.

    “It’s very important, especially if you’re doing rideshare because you have other passengers, says Miller. "Plus, you have family members that ride with you also.”

    The driver of this 2013 Ford C-MAX SE had no idea his car had been recalled. A door could open while driving. He plans to take it to the dealer for repairs.

    Most taxis we checked had no recalls

    We also checked out taxis to see if they had been recalled. Most had no problems.

    Some taxis need repairs

    We found two Birmingham Metro Cabs that had been recalled, but not repaired.

    Like this 2011 Dodge Grand Caravan The danger: An inadvertent driver airbag deployment.

    This 2008 Crown Victoria faces a possible recall: The problem: Possible steering loss. The driver had no idea.

    “I’m not feeling good. Before, I don’t know. I drive comfortably,” says Zakir Mohiuddin who drives for Birmingham Metro Cab.

    Neither did the owner of the cab company. He plans to get the cars repaired.

    “I want my taxis to be safe,” says Birmingham Metro Cab owner Tariq Qureshi.

    Why wouldn’t drivers or owners know about recalls?

    “It is not uncommon for vehicle owners not to get a notification from the manufacturer if they don’t have the correct owner and address on file,” says Carfax PR Manager Chris Basso.

    “If it is pretty severe, I expect them to take action as quickly as possible. Again, it’s a service. I’m paying for it. I expect the highest quality,” says McDaniel.

    Repairs for recalled cars are free

    The myCARFAX app is free. So, you can keep tabs on just about any car, including your own.

    It’ll even notify you if there’s a recall months from now.

    An important note: The repairs for recalled cars are free. All you do is make an appointment with the dealer.

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