How to negotiate a better deal on almost anything

Advice on how to negotiate better prices

Everybody loves a good deal... and sometimes a little negotiation will get you a better one. There are a number of things that are worth your time to haggle over the price.

"Most people are just too timid to ask. They're uncomfortable," says Freedom Financial Group President Tad Hill. He tells us he even negotiates the price of dress shirts. "I ask for discounts on everything everywhere. Just asking will get you one 50% of the time," advises Hill. That's pretty good odds. Just be sure you're asking someone who can actually say "yes" which is often a manager.

Now a look at five things Hill says you really need to negotiate on. First home contracts: repairs, additions, improvements. "Everybody tells you to get three estimates and nobody does it," explains Hill. You need contractors to know they're competing for your business. Estimates also let you know the price is in the right ball park.

Number two: Credit Cards. "Most people have no idea you can negotiate," remarks Hill. Interest rates and even balances are often up for negotiation with most companies.

Number three: Internet, cable, & phone. "Once a year see what agreements you can make," advises Hill. With so much competition now and buyouts offered don't settle for a bad deal.

Number four: Insurance. Hill says if you're not negotiating insurance rates on property, cars and homeowners policies you're missing an opportunity to save.

Number five: Furniture. "You can almost always negotiate further especially if the salesperson is working on commission," says Hill. But remember don't tip your hand, to your rock bottom price or you will set the floor price.

Think you're not a negotiator? It takes time and practice but remember you have nothing to lose but your money!

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