Paramedics making house calls to reduce 911 calls and repeat ER visits

House calls by EMT's

Prevention through intervention: That's the goal of a program run through Birmingham Fire and Rescue.

EMTs make house calls to recently released hospital patients to make sure they understand their discharge instructions. They also get blood pressure, heart rate and other testing to be sure they're progressing. The in home checks usually run once a week for a month.

Patients are referred by hospitals and even checks of 911 call logs to find people who could benefit. Repeated calls to 911 and trips to the emergency room are a real drain on the health care system. It's hoped innovative programs like this one will help cut costs while improving care.

ABC3340 went along with Lt. Ben Thompson as he made stops in Birmingham. As you will see from our report, it's also about letting people know someone really cares.

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