Proper insulation cuts home heating costs by as much as 30 percent

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    With more winter weather ahead, many are looking to lower their power and gas bills. Last January a brutal cold snap left many with bills they couldn't afford. Experts say one key to keeping your energy use in check, is with adequate home insulation.

    Chance Segers, owner of Allied Insulation in Birmingham, says more energy efficient insulation can translate into big savings. "You can see upwards 30 to 40 percent savings depending on how the home is currently insulated," advises Segers.

    And it's not just about the money. "The feel, the comfort is the biggest thing customers notice," says Segers.

    The higher end spray foam is more expensive, but Segers says even adding the more traditional insulation will pay off. Companies can also assess a home for drafts and other areas that need to be addressed to conserve energy.

    Utilities like Alabama Power offer online energy check-ups to see what's draining the most electricity in your home. You can also set up alerts online to let you know when your bill hits a certain point and monitor your daily usage.

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