Meet Justice Tom Parker: Republican Candidate for Chief Justice


    The two candidates vying to be Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court are Republican Justice Tom Parker and Democrat Circuit Judge Bob Vance.

    Parker’s been on the high court 13 years.

    Vance is a Circuit Court Judge in Jefferson County.

    Others may know him Vance from his campaign against Roy Moore for the chief justice seat in 2012, when Vance lost by four points.

    We met Parker in his office in Montgomery, where he quickly began telling us about the different historical pieces on display.

    Parker showed pure passion, as he showed us a set of books on display.

    “This is a foundational text for our country,” he said. “This particular set belonged to Ephraim Blaine, who was the commissary general of the continent army during Valley Forge and he was a close personal friend of George Washington.”

    Parker emphasized the importance of knowing the foundation of our nation to be successful in his job, today.

    “You’ve seen my passion for the founding era of America,” he said. “I have spent the last 40 years immersed in studying that and it leads me to go back to those treatises our founding fathers were reading and try to see where they got their concepts that were brought into the declaration, brought into the Constitution.”

    Parker is now seeking the top role on Alabama’s Supreme Court.

    “My career has prepared me for this,” said Parker. “I have been a justice on the Alabama Supreme Court for over 13 years but before that, I was second in command for the entire court system.”

    Parker calls this a pivotal moment in time, with a new balance in power on the United States Supreme Court.

    “They’re going to need cases they can use to help restore the Constitution,” said Parker.

    He added that he hopes some of those cases result from appeals from the Alabama Supreme Court.

    “It would be things on overreach on regulation, on second amendment rights or on the issues where the court has been purely political, where there’s been no constitutional foundation whatsoever for the decisions of the liberal majority and that would include things like Roe V Wade and the Obergefell decision,” Parker said.

    Parker worked closely with Roy Moore over the years. Many of compared his positions to those of Moore.

    “Both of us have extreme appreciation for the U.S. Supreme Court and we’re both strong on the social issues that resonate with Alabamians across this state,” Parker said when asked about Moore. “But I will say my trajectory taking me through the practice of law, taking cases even to the U.S. Supreme Court, and my work in administration in the court has prepared me differently.”

    That’s preparation Parker hopes helps him win November 6.

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