Crime Stoppers 4-26-16: Investigators digging for clues in Terrico Murphy's shooting death


A Birmingham family wants answers. The family wants to know more about who shot and killed Terrico Murphy. ABC 33/40 spoke with investigators who are looking into terrico murphy's death.

Cassandra Murphy holds more than pictures of her son Terrico. She also holds memories.

"He was just a kind, sweet and fun-loving child. He was just always my baby," said Cassandra Murphy.

Most mothers would say that about their child, but murphy swears by it for her son.

"He was my first born. He was my only child for 16 years. It was me and him against the world," added Murphy.

A gun shot fired at a park on 26th Street in Ensley shook the world for Terrico's mom.

"Yes, so they think. My faith lets me know God protected him even at that moment when that person pulled that gun," added Murphy.

Police found Terrico's body. Investigators tell ABC 33/40 he was killed very close to the home he lived with his wife and kids.

"It is difficult to wake up in the morning. It is difficult to lie down at night. It's difficult to smile. It's just hard," added Murphy.

It's hard for Murphy to understand how anyone in the park when her son was shot can stay quiet.

"I need them to know they crushed my heart on that day they took my son away and nothing was worth what they've done to me," added Murphy.

She hopes at least one witness will pick-up the phone and tell investigators what they know.

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