100 Roses donated to VA patients, employees by local florist

Norton's Florist handed 100 roses to veteran's and employees at the VA Medical Center in Birmingham, Ala. (abc3340.com)

Gus Pappas spent Tuesday morning doing what he considers the best part of his job, handing out flowers.

"It's the smile. If you go up there tonight or today and take a look at these veterans, patients you'll see a big smile when they see those flowers," Pappas said.

Norton's Florist handed out 100 roses to patients and employees at the Birmingham, Alabama VA Medical Center. Pappas said he wanted to bring positive news to the VA system in the wake of recent scandals. The flowers known as "Freedom Roses" are imported from Ecuador. He said they are the most popular brand.

The gesture was enough to brighten the day of U.S. Marine Corps veteran James Mannis.

"I thought it's pretty awesome that somebody acknowledge(s) Marines out here and coming to the hospital, taking time out of their day to acknowledge us," Mannis said. "They didn't have to."

Mannis has been a patient at the hospital for the last month as he battles liver cancer.

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