13 year-old saves mother with lesson she taught him over 5 years ago

    13 year-old saves mother with lesson she taught him more than 5 years ago (WBMA)

    A seventh grade McAdory Middle School wrestler sprung into action to save his mother's life during an unexpected match against time.

    There are some things wrestlers are required to do on the mat. That's what McAdory Middle School Head Wrestling Coach Adam Lewis says.

    "To have to think fast, and to think, not only with our head, but with our hearts, wrestlers tend to be able to do that on the fly," says Lewis.

    Lewis coaches Hayden Grimes and 29 others. It's what Hayden did on the fly, off the mat, that saved his mom's life.

    "He just immediately, no hesitation sprung into action," says Allea Grimes, Hayden's mom.

    During a hunting trip in Fayette County, the mother and son found themselves in a different kind of match.

    "It was just the two of us, and I'm one of those people, I thought it would never happen to me, and just all of a sudden I couldn't breathe," she says.

    "She had this look in her eyes. It terrified me. I'd never seen her like that," says Hayden.

    A piece of chicken was lodged in Allea's throat. Hayden's instant reaction was to perform the Heimlich Maneuver, which Allea had taught him how to do over five years ago.

    "If he wouldn't have done what he'd done, I don't know what would have happened. I'm so thankful that I taught him, but I never would have guessed he would have remembered," says Allea.

    Because he did, he still has his biggest fan, and she continues to tell the story.

    "If he puts his mind to it, he can overcome anything. 'Hey I saved my mom's life... This is a match'," says Allea.

    It's a lesson she hopes other parents will learn too.

    "Teach your kids the Heimlich. Watch a Youtube video together," she says.

    Hayden says he doesn't even remember learning the Heimlich, but he's glad he did, because the family had no cell service and was at least 50 miles from the nearest hospital.

    Allea, Coach Lewis, Hayden, and his teammates welcome all who are interested to attend a wrestling tournament Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. showcasing the quick thinking and heart of each wrestler at McAdory.

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