30 Is 30: Don Corley's victims demand child molester remains in prision

30 Is 30: Don Corley's victims demand child molester remains in prision

Brandon Baginski and Jason Lee now sit and speak with confidence.

"After I left that environment and situation, I just wanted to run away. I did not want to talk about it," said Lee.

Nearly two dozen years, with Don Corley in prison, allowed time to think.

"I knew something was wrong. After it happened, I felt I was the responsible one," added Lee.

In lee's 12-year-old mind, he was doing what he was told. March 15 is Corley's parole date. Lee knows it's not a matter of 'if' Corley will get out. It's a matter of 'when'.

"I like knowing the man who molested me is behind bars. I like knowing I am safe. I like knowing the community is safe," added Lee.

Baginski was a best friend to Corley's son.

"That just started out as a normal father of my best friend. We would hang out and he'd cook food for us," said Baginski.

Over time, it was no longer about hanging at the movies, church or with the boy scouts troop.

"That progressed from ice cream and Disney movies to PG-13 and R-rated movies and movies that contained nudity," added Baginski.

It took only a few months for Corley to cross the line with Baginski.

"I froze up. I completely froze up and put my hands across my face. My whole body locked up," added Baginski.

Baginski's mom noticed the distance between her son and Corley.

"I just blurted out, I hate when he touches me. It just came out," added Baginski.

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