Home invader killed, 79-year-old man uses "stand your ground law"

John Croft survived a home invasion after he shot and killed one of two suspects who broke into his home. Some legal experts say it highlights "stand your ground law".

If someone breaks into your home, what do you do???

And what is legal?

ABC 33/40's Patrick Thomas, looked into the "Stand your ground law."

A home invasion in Center Point, put the law, front and center. The homeowner killed one of the two suspects who broke into his home in the early morning hours Wednesday because he feared for his life.

A home invasion can happen anywhere, at anytime. It's a life or death situation. And it's best to know your rights, before it happens to you.

79-year-old John Croft put the "Stand your ground law" to the test when two suspects broke into his home, standing in his bedroom at 1 A.M.

Croft told ABC 33/40 in an exclusive interview, "But when he said don't move and he heard the bed creaking, I had my gun in my hand and I just shot him."

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Randy Christian said, "And he did exactly what he should have done."

Christian said when it comes to life or death, pulling the trigger can be the difference. "When someone breaks into your home at one in the morning, you can certainly assume they have bad intentions," stated Christian. "Especially when they are armed and you have every right to protect your life."

But when does deadly force apply? Deputy District Attorney for Jefferson County Blake Milner explained. "If you are a homeowner and someone is attempting, or someone has broken into your house, then you are justified in using physical deadly force," Milner stated.

Does deadly force mean only shooting a gun? Milner said, "The "Stand your ground law", at no point does it say you are allowed to use a gun."

Millner said anything in that moment, can be used in self-defense. "Because it covers it so, that whatever you need to protect yourself are at your means of your disposal at that point," said Milner.

Christian further pushed his original point of emphasis. "It's what we advocate," said Christian.

The Sheriff's office said it offers gun classes once a week.

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