89-year-old woman jailed overnight in Clanton

Odean Cleckler (photo from Chilton County Jail)

CLANTON, Ala. (WBMA) - An 89-year-old woman and her son were jailed in Clanton Tuesday, after city officials say she and her son failed to adhere to a court order. The order was to bring the property around their salvage shop up to health codes.

The woman, Odean Cleckler, didn't have to spend the full 30 days in jail. She was released Wednesday morning, but the family's problems are not over.

According to the city, the loads of appliances outside of her shop are creating serious health risks. They are holding standing water, attracting mosquitoes, and creating an eye sore.

The family has owned Cleckler's Appliances and Parts for over six decades. It is now run by Odean and her son Randy, since her husband died several years ago.

Randy Cleckler remains in jail, where he will be for the next 29 days. His mom says she has faith that he will be home for Christmas.

The mayor says he doesn't want the Clecklers to go out of business; he just wants them to comply with the ordinances.

Community members are organizing a day to clean up the property.

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