99 animals taking refuge with Greater Birmingham Humane Society after Hurricane Harvey

Greater Birmingham Humane society transports animals to AL after Hurricane Harvey

As Irma approaches Florida, Alabama groups are still helping those impacted by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana.

Saturday night more than 50 animals from Louisiana arrived at facilities across central Alabama. The Greater Birmingham Humane Society sent a caravan to pick up the animals. 14 cats were taken to the Greater Birmingham Humane Society and 43 dogs were split between the shelter's animal hospital and the Vapor Wake K9 facility in Fort McClellan.

The animals will be checked out by vets and some could be ready for adoption as early as Sunday.

These animals were all in shelters in Louisiana. They have come to Alabama so that shelters in Louisiana have more space for animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey. "It's all about the greater good of our nation and our community and animals, they are lives too and that's just part of our mission to help animals so we're happy to be part of this effort," says Katie Beck with the Greater Birmingham Humane Society.

And because of Hurricane Irma the Greater Birmingham Humane Society is expecting to take in more animals from Florida. To help free up space here they are offering a reduced adoption rate of $30 dollars for all animals through Sunday.

The GBHS does need donations to help with all the animals they are taking in because of the storms. For a list of what is needed visit their website.

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