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A diet for your blood type

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Judith Beavers eats sprouted bread and specific foods to stay in her best health.

Nutrition, she says, is her weapon against disease like severe osteoarthritis she fought years ago.

Beavers says, "I had pain throughout all of my joints. I had large knuckles in my hands very red swollen like my mother."

In 1998, A friend told Beavers about the first in a series of books, Eat right for your blood type.

She says, "I immediately went and got it. I didn't understand all the foods in it but I just did it 100% and within the week on my pain was gone."

The 72 year old, registered nurse credits the Blood type A diet for preventing inflammation in her body.

Beavers says, "A, B and O are the blood type antigens. That antigen, specific to me, is meant to fight off viruses and bacteria and anything foreign or unfriendly in our system."

According to the blood type diet, people with blood type A should avoid incompatible foods including potatoes, tomatoes, egg plant, dairy, and heavy meats, to name a few.

There are hand-size books for each blood Type diet.

The guidelines to what you can and cannot eat, drink or take as supplements... according to your blood type.

Beavers explains your blood type helps determine how your digestives enzymes break down foods.

She says, "Blood type O people have a very high amount of hydrochloric acid. They're the meat eaters. They have to break down the more denser food. Blood type B people-- little less."

Fish, greens, soy milk and more have been a part of 60 year old, Shirley Wilson's Type A diet since November, 2015.

Wilson says, "It made a big difference. I have more energy and the whole thinking process is different I guess, it's just your mind is much clearer when you're eating correctly."

70 year old, Dianne Adams says she hasn't worn a belt in years until getting on the blood type diet in August , 2015.

Now, she says, she can tell when she doesn't eat foods according to her blood type.

She says, "I've had problems with my constipation my bowels aren't moving right I'm very uncomfortable my rings are tight. I just don't feel good."

Now, a certified blood type practitioner, Judith Beavers believes it's essential to your health to know your blood type; as she confirms my blood type and identifies foods Type Os will highly benefit from.

Beavers says, "Plums are good for all of us. Highly beneficial means these foods are so good for us they're medicinal."

Beavers says, your blood type is exercise specific, as well.

People can learn their blood type and more about the diet.

Judith Beavers will conduct a workshop Sunday, February 21st at Nova Essence Medi-spa in Patton Creek in Hoover at 3pm.

Call (205)319-4445 to make reservations.

A $25 cost covers a book, materials, food samples and blood typing.

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Come early for blood typing.

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