Center Point mother-of-two carjacked at gunpoint

Amber Robinson was carjacked and held at gunpoint Friday morning in Center Point.

A mother-of-two experienced a terrifying moment in Center Point, after she was carjacked and held at gunpoint Friday morning.

"It's really scary...having kids, I instantly thought about them. If it was over, it could've gone in a way that I would never see them again," said Amber Robinson.

Amber Robinson says she has lived in Center Point for about 10 years and has never had an experience like this before. Robinson said at one point, Center Point was a great area to live in, but lately, that has not been the case.

"Just scrolling on my phone, real comfortable, head down looking through my phone for a good while. Because I usually just come home and sit for a minute before I walk in the house," said Robinson.

Robinson said she had just pulled into her driveway when she was approached by two men with guns.

"He tapped on the glass and I looked up. He had the gun in my face. And on this side when I looked up, he had the gun here. It was like, two guns," said Robinson.

At that point, nothing mattered except staying alive.

"I just went ahead and cooperated and got out the car. They backed out and zoomed off down the street," said Robinson.

Taking her car and purse with her money, phone, and banking cards.

"Since it happened, [I'm] just constantly looking out the window," Robinson said "I don't know if they plan on coming back if they see that my car is recovered; would they try to come back? I just feel some type of way since it happened."

Within a few hours, police located her car in Bessemer, but the gunmen were nowhere to be found. Robinson now terrified said this is yet another reason residents request more patrols in Center Point.

"They definitely need to do something about it. Not doing anything just shows a lack of concern," said Robinson.

Robinson said she and her family are beefing up their home security measures. Changing door locks, adding burglar doors and security cameras around the home. The gunmen are still at large as Jefferson County continues to investigate.

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