UK-based company bringing its first US manufacturing facility to Pell City


    A U.K.-based company is planning to bring its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Pell City. The company, Preformed Windings, is also bringing new jobs with it.

    St. Clair County leaders say the city has plans to have the company, which builds parts for engines and generators, up and running within three to four months. Leaders say this is the start of many great things to come to Pell City.

    "They looked all over the state, looked into some communities within the region and the fact they pick Pell City says a lot about the quality of our community," said Pell City's Mayor Bill Pruitt.

    The U.K.-based company, Preformed Windings, will employ about 85 people, with an estimated annual payroll of $3.4 million dollars.

    St Clair County Economic Development Council Executive Director, Don Smith said the company selected Pell City because they already had an existing building right in the heart of Pell City Industrial Park.

    "They're working right now with the states AIDT Department to do some screening and interviewing for employees," said Smith.

    Mayor Pruitt tells me this is all apart of a trend to bring more businesses to the area.

    "It just keeps that trend with everyone that we add; it makes it easier to get the attention of the next," said Mayor Pruitt.

    Good news travels.

    "It is exciting to see it. I have grandchildren and I like to see that there's more to offer them around the county," said Debbie Crump.

    Some people are on the fence about growth happening too quick.

    "We like our small town. What does that do to our little small town environment?" said Barbara Mathis.

    Preformed Windings is taking applications visit the company's website for more information.

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