Act of kindness now $10k unpaid debt for City of Hanceville, mayor says

The Hanceville mayor says providing requested aid to J.B. Pennington has put a $10,000 dent in the city's budget.

It's been almost a year since J.B. Pennington caught on fire, which caused significant damage requiring help from first responders in multiple areas.

Hanceville Fire Department responded to the call and provided costly mutual aid to the Blountsville school.

According to Hanceville Mayor Kenneth Nail, the city's kindness has not been repaid. The city is reportedly down $10,000.

"I don't quite understand why we have not gotten paid," Nail said.

While Hanceville city leaders are eager to collect the debt from Blount County, there's a problem.

Blount County Superintendent Rodney Green says the Board of Education's state-funded insurance will not cover any repayment for the debt.

But Mayor Nail was expecting something by now.

"We pay our bills over here. Someone sends us a bill and does a service for us - we pay it in a timely manner."

Hanceville Fire Chief Rodger Green says the debt has put a dent in their budget.

"It costs us quite a bit of money to pay overtime...and help out a neighboring department," said Green.

The Hanceville city attorney sent a polite, yet straightforward, letter to the Blount County Board of Education to find a resolution for the situation, the mayor says.

"I'm not really happy about not getting our money either. My job is to protect the citizens of Hanceville and that's what I'm gonna do," Nail said.

The City of Blountsville voted to forgive the school's debt, but Hanceville hasn't forgiven any debt.

Chief Green says if mutual aid is requested, the fire department is legally obligated to provide service only to other areas of Cullman County.

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