Adult performer's death leaves Calera neighbors on edge

Kathleen West, 42, continues to have large online following even after her death.

Residents in a Calera neighborhood want answers after learning their neighbor was found dead outside her home.

Calera residents are looking over their shoulders after learning the news of - and details surrounding - Kathleen West's murder.

In life and in death, she continues to gain global online attention.

Greenwood Circle feels like any typical street in Shelby County. Lee Xavier still can't process what happened.

"It's a quiet neighborhood. People stay to themselves," says Lee.

This was before the body of 42-year-old wife and mother, Kathleen West, was discovered in the road early Saturday morning, two doors down from Lee.

"[For something like this to happen] so close to home, with my wife and children so near, it's shocking," Lee explains.

Lee was afraid of a killer on the loose after he learned police were investigating the death of an adult performer right outside his front door.

The victim was known as "Kitty Kat West" online with a subscription-based website that sold racy photos.

A Facebook discussion group is now debating her cause of death, which police are investigating as a homicide.

"This opens up a whole book of worries. Like, do I have to put cameras around my home?" Lee wondered aloud.

It's a question Lee says he wishes he didn't have to ask.

"I don't want to cry, but just the thought of it happening to a beautiful young lady, a mother, makes me look at my wife and children. What if someone takes her away from me? I'd be devastated."

Police Chief Sean Lemley says the department is releasing only a few details to prevent the investigation from being compromised.

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