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African American parents having tough conversations with children about skin color

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African American mothers and fathers are having the toughest time ever to have conversations with their sons and daughters about being black in America

“We have to put our focus on the people that want us to be included and the people who do love us and respect us and treat us kind,” said Nikki Baltimore.

Baltimore said it hurt her heart when her 7-year-old son Collin woke up and asked one question.

“He was like what if we need to call the police will they kill us why do they not like us why what’s going on and so at 7-years old you think about how do you have those conversations because every officer is not a bad officer every person is not a bad person,” said Baltimore.

Clarence and Elise Moss have two older sons.

Their son Jalen is majoring in engineering at Tuskegee.

Their other son Josh is heading off to high school this fall.

Both parents are having to constantly remind their boys about the color of their skin.

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“If Jalen is pulled over by the cops put your hands on the steering wheel don’t reach for anything don’t argue back with the cops because I always tell them the goal when you are ever pulled over is to make it back home,” said Clarence Moss.

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