Alabama is the worst state for working mothers

Alabama ranks as the worst state for working mothers

Alabama is the worst state in the nation for working moms. That ranking coming from a new WalletHub report.

The report looked at 13 metrics. The ones where Alabama does really poorly include the gender pay gap, the ratio of female executives to male executives, the percentage of single moms living in poverty, and day care quality in the state.

The president of the Women's Fund of Greater Birmingham, Jeanne Jackson, says this is disheartening, but not surprising. Jackson says a lot of women can't afford good quality child care. She says the amount of subsidies in Alabama for childcare has declined and 8,000 women are on the list for those subsidies.

Jackson also says half the population is women so if the state wants women in the workforce childcare and family issues need to be addressed. "The employer has got to realize, the state has got to realize you've got to look at paid family leave, paid sick leave, some kind of support for quality child care if you want women in the in demand jobs that we're so anxious for."

And while private companies can make some of those changes for their own employees, Jackson says a big change needs to come from the state government. "Only 14% of our legislators are women so we need to get more women elected to office. I think we know when it hits 33%, when a third of the legislature is female you start to seeing more attention to healthcare, more attention to education, more attention to childcare."

Some good news here in Birmingham, Jackson says several major employers have increased their minimum wage. And one big company is now offering 16 paid weeks of maternity and paternity leave

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