Alabaster restaurant owner makes best out of boil water notice

    Alabaster restaurant owner makes best out of boil water notice (WBMA)

    People in Alabaster are having to boil their water before they use it. A water main broke around 5 a.m. Wednesday morning.

    Crews worked several hours to repair the break, but officials say if you live in the city, continue boiling your water.

    Water main breaks don't happen often in Alabaster, but when they do, just like everywhere else, it's a hassle.

    "The cooking, and you can't wash, you've got to boil the water, it's kind of put a strain on things," says Tony Harris, a long time Alabaster resident.

    Several North Alabaster homes and businesses had little to no water much of Wednesday, some even closing their doors for the day, but not everyone.

    "I'm not surprised that he thought up something you know," says Harris about the owner of Chubbfathers.

    William Cholewinski, the owner, is making lemonade out of the sour situation.

    "We got cheesesteaks, chicken phillies, buffalo chicken cheese fries, a burger, and we got wings and tenders, so we're a little bit limited," says Cholewinski.

    Limited, but not prohibited, thanks to his food trucks and gallons of water to wash hands and dishes.

    "You can choose to be miserable. You can choose to let it ruin your day. You can choose to let it just wreck what you've got going on, but there's a plan," he says.

    A plan he says was God's plan.

    "Sometimes you gotta get a little angry, you gotta take a step back.... Do a little praying, but from there, the most important thing is to be willing to listen and open your eyes to what he's trying to show you," says Cholewinski.

    For he and his customers, because of his positivity, a sour situation turned sweet.

    Alabaster City Schools disconnected all water fountains and ice machines until further notice. Students will have access to bottled water and hand sanitizer until the water is safe.

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