Alabaster's 'Warrior Princess' sells t-shirts to raise money for Arthritis Foundation

An Alabaster Pharmacy is helping a young girl in the fight of her life.

An Alabaster Pharmacy is helping a young girl in the fight of her life. The "Alabaster Warrior Princess" is raising money for the Juvenile Arthritis Foundation by selling t-shirts.

Kaitlyn Weaver has been diagnosed with multiple medical conditions. At just 11-years-old, she has already had 14 surgeries. Her bubbly personality has moved the hearts of many, and now Brooklere Pharmacy is lending a hand to help her along her journey.

"I did the designs and everything. The heart is for love. The peace is to have peace and faith in God. And the happy face is to have and be happy even though you're hurting," said Kaitlyn.

Michelle Weaver says a simple foot injury at the age of seven changed her daughter's life forever.

"She was doing cheerleading. We thought she had injured her foot and it took over a year for her foot injury to heal," said Michelle.

The long recovery prompted doctors to look more into her injuries.

"Unfortunately, that's sometimes how kids get diagnosed with Idiopathic Arthritis. It's from a traumatic injury or a really, really serious illness," said Michelle.

Kaitlyn's multiple conditions affect her joints, blood, and tissues.

"Every surgery I've had, I've been worried that would be in the hospital for a long time and miss a lot of school. And then we just pray to God and ask him not to have that to happen and he just helps me so much. He makes me smile every day," said Kaitlyn.

The "Kaitlyn's Warriors" shirt is a one-of-a-kind design. It tells her story and includes one of her favorite Bible verses.

Brooklere Pharmacy says when they heard Kaitlyn's story, they immediately wanted to do all they can to help.

"The fact that she's working on that at her age - realizes that she can make a difference and make an impact - and if we could support her in that endeavor, we would love to do that.," said Anna Ray Wertheim, Managing Pharmacist at Brooklere Pharmacy.

"We really would like to be able to show the Arthritis Foundation that Kaitlyn is a true arthritis warrior and she'll do anything to raise money," said Michelle.

Weaver says there are many children in Alabaster who are dealing with similar illnesses without community support. She says local business can do more to aid these children and their families during their tough journeys.

The Arthritis Foundation will host its annual Jingle Bell Run the second Saturday in December at Railroad Park. For more information about Kaitlyn's t-shirt, visit this website.

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