Anonymous caller may have kept meth out of kids' hands

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    An anonymous tip from a caller may have saved dozens of young lives in Walker County from using hard drugs.

    Sometimes a random act of kindness is a phone call to the Carbon Hill Police. Chief Eric House says his assistant chief is the one who relayed the news to him about a possible meth variant being found across the street within reach of children.

    Chief House told ABC 33/40, “He called dispatch and told them that he had received a tip, and he was going to go check it out.”

    The chief says that Richardson searched an area just 100 yards away from the police department building.

    Richardson says a baggie of “ice,” a common type of meth drug in the area, was laying in front of a trash can right beside the Carbon Hill Community Center.

    “To see a bag of ice laying on the ground... it irritates you. It makes you mad,” Richardson says.

    It was found inches from a sidewalk where children walk every day.

    Chief House says, “One of those kids could have very easily come by and picked it up, and that could have been devastating for that child and for that family because that much would have definitely killed somebody.”

    Richardson says walking up and finding 3.12 grams of "ice" on the ground on Wednesday is the moment when his mind began shifting from the perspective of an officer of the law to that of a father.

    “I have two daughters. God forbid my two daughters are ever walking around and my kids find it and think it’s candy and they take it. It probably would have been death. We probably would have been working a death yesterday.”

    Thanks to a stranger picking up the telephone, that didn’t happen.

    Richardson says, “Thank you. Thank you very much for letting us know that it was here. We got it off the streets.”

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