Autism Insurance Law: Coverage begins for Alabama children covered by All Kids, Medicaid


A new law is going to help families across Alabama pay for ABA therapy for children with autism.

While some insurance providers already began covering the therapy due to the law passed in 2017, children on All Kids health insurance and Medicaid have been waiting until 2019.

London Confer, an 8 year old who lives in Alabaster, is one of many children who will be impacted. He’s covered by All Kids insurance.

His mom, Kristin Confer tells us he's the person he is today, with the help of ABA therapy.

“Seeing him be able to reach his potential cognitively, it’s amazing,” she told us.

In Cullman, Christy Boyles also explains the therapy has been life-changing for her 12- year old son, Alex.

“He’s come a long way,” she said. “He went from saying just a handful of words- now he’s on the archery team at school.”

But as these families can tell you, the therapy is expensive.

“A family can easily fork out thousands of dollars in a year and it adds up quickly,” Boyles told us.

That's why Alabama families affected by autism flooded the State House in 2017. Their passion ultimately persuaded lawmakers to pass a law requiring insurance companies cover the therapy.

For All Kids and Medicaid, that begins in 2019. That means both Alex and London's therapies will be covered.

“It’s going to free up money for us to provide other resources for him, because we’re not going to have to put all of that toward the monthly cost of his therapy,” said Confer.

Confer hopes the law will mean more children can experience the success she’s seen for London.

“It’s phenomenal,” she said. “Not only that these people were able to have a voice but that people listened and now it’s overwhelming to me- because we were somehow able month to month to pay for his therapy but some people not even getting it can now get it.”

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