B-Active kickoff events for plans to boost bicycle use in the metro area

The "B-Active" is questioning the community about what projects they believe are needed to make bicycling more accessible.

The "B-Active" plan is gathering the community's input on which projects they believe are needed to make bicycling more accessible.

As more people are taking an interest in bicycling and walking on their daily commute, it is raising safety concerns for many. The B-Active plan hopes to change that and create a better environmental plan to encourage many to be more active.

"It lets me know that people are actually concerned about those that walk and not just people that are driving. I know that road work is a big thing, but nobody really cares about the sidewalk," said Allie Higgins.

For anyone walking or riding on two wheels, the commute has been a hassle for some time.

"Right now, there's a huge cycling and running pedestrian community in Birmingham. But as it stands now, the community and the infrastructure is not there," said Hunter Garrison.

Garrison said the B-Active plan will change that and provide safer facilities and trails for people to get around.

"It's about making cycling a valid option for transportation- which is important to this plan," said Garrison.

"I was kind of shocked, because no one has ever brought attention to us trying to cross the street, making sure that we have safe assurance and everything," said April Phothisane.

Students attending UAB said the B-Active plan efforts are long overdue.

"It's definitely a little difficult sometimes getting to class, especially if you leave like on time. If you're late then you probably not going to make it," said Hannah Marcelino.

"Crossing the street kind of freaks me out a little," said Allie Higgins.

In a busy area around the campus, Garrison says it matters the most.

"Ultimately, when the plan is completed we want you to go to your elected officials and say 'we talked about this in the B-Active plan and we want to see it happen," said Garrison.

Garrison tells ABC 33/40 that the metro area brings the most concerns. He said if we could have more trails similar to Lakeshore, that would make things a lot easier.

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