Bar owner believes she knows how Bama's Raekwon Davis got shot

Stoney Sharp reports.

A University of Alabama football player is now out of the hospital after a weekend shooting.

Police said defensive lineman Raekwon Davis was shot in the leg outside a bar off Stillman Boulevard in Tuscaloosa.

The owner of Bar 17 believes she knows how Davis got shot.

Dionne Murrell, who bought Bar 17 this year, said 300 people showed up to her establishment Saturday night to watch a fight on the bar's television screens.

18 security guards looked on.

The crowd left and Murrell closed up shop one hour early at 1 a.m. That's when she spotted police in the empty parking lot.

"Is everything okay?," Murrell said she asked police. "He said yeah we just got a call about a random shooting. So I started looking around and was thinking since nobody is here it couldn't have happened here."

Investigators found shell casings but the victim did not cooperate with investigators. Murrell believes there's more to the story.

"That's the rumor going around that he shot himself. That he was shooting in the air and he shot himself," Bar 17's owner told ABC 33/40 News.

According to Murrell, police have not contacted her about the investigation.

"It didn't happen here. If it happened here I think there should be a trail of blood somewhere. EMS should've been called, or I should've been notified," she added.

Murrell said she hates someone was injured, but she also hates her bar getting a bad wrap.

Davis' injuries were minor.

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