Ben Abercrombie: 'My goal is to walk'

Star athlete Ben Abercrombie, former Hoover, Harvard football player, has big plans for the future - and they don't involve his wheelchair.

Hundreds showed up for a ballgame between Hoover and Spain Park honoring standout athlete Ben Abercrombie, who suffered a spinal cord injury in his first college football game.

The former Hoover and Harvard football player is no stranger the spotlight, but his recent injury has kept him it for different reasons.

"It's a shock to my life [and] everything I used to have, but now I have nothing but my head," said Abercrombie.

He'd made hundreds, perhaps even thousands of tackles during his time on the football field, but the last time was different.

"Right when I hit him, my whole body went limp and I couldn't feel anything," said Abercrombie.

Five months since then Ben has been fighting a hard fight, but he's had some help along the way.

"Support means a lot, it's very important to me. I love seeing how much people care; it really uplifts you," said Abercrombie.

It's that support he's taking with him on his journey in recovery.

But for Ben, the healing process is going to take more than what the community can offer.

It's going to take strength, hope, and heart .

"I just take it day by day; I just do what I can in a day. You just have to be patient," said Abercrombie.

What Abercrombie misses most will be a true test of his patience, but he's committed to keeping up the fight.

"My goal is to walk," said Abercrombie.

He starts rehab on Monday at Spain Rehabilitation Center.

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