WATCH: Birmingham police officer surprises kids with new basketball net, ball

    Birmingham Police officer Chris Lassinger (<p>{/p}

    A Birmingham Police officer's slam dunk was caught on camera Thursday.

    In Rhaquel Ryans' Facebook video, Officer Chris Lassinger can be seen putting up a new basketball net on a goal. He climbs up on the bumper and replaces a worn-out net. He even left the kids a new ball.

    According to Ryans, Officer Lassinger made sure it was a surprise for when the kids returned from school.

    "I don't think it's a big deal. Other officers do way more than this. This is nothing! I have seen other officers spend hundreds of dollars and get no recognition at all, and I just saw a need. I've played basketball all my life, and playing without a net is no fun...," Lassinger told ABC 33/40.

    As of Friday evening, the Facebook video had been shared hundreds of times.

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