Birmingham progresses on plans to build public safety complex in downtown Ensley

Ramsay McCormack building in Ensley, Alabama. (

The city of Birmingham says it is making progress on plans to build the new public safety complex in downtown Ensley.

In December, a judge ordered the demolition of the old Ramsay McCormack Building, but then gave the city a chance to show progress for its transformation.

The Ramsay McCormack building has a lot of work that needs to be done. It's been vacant 25 years. But, plans are still moving forward to transform it into the city's new municipal court, with an adjacent police and fire headquarters.

Assessments and architectural drawings are being done, as the funding package is prepared.

Don Lupo with the mayor's office says this will help the project move quicker, once funding is approved.

“There's been several weeks of assessments on the interior and exterior of the building, a lot of site visits by architectural concerns and our city planners and people in planning, engineering and permits and visits by police and fire and all of that to scope out what is needed, once the funding comes into place and the thing comes online,” said Lupo.

The city has said Birmingham police and fire headquarters, currently in downtown Birmingham, are outdated and antiquated. Plans are to build a new state of the art facility in Ensley. The hope is that will also help bring Ensley back to life.

The mayor's office says the funding package will go before city council in July. The $40 million package is expected to be a combination of bonds and tax credits.

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