Blount County plane crash preliminary report released

    Blount County plane crash victims identified (Photo courtesy of WATN, Local 24)

    New information has been released on a deadly plane crash in Hayden. You may recall, the family of four crashed en route to Jackson, Tennessee from Florida.

    In a preliminary report provided to ABC 3340's Amber Grigley, we've just learned the pilot was trying to take an alternative route.

    According to the report, Air Traffic Control made the pilot, identified as Joseph Crenshaw, aware of moderate to extreme precipitation and asked Crenshaw to deviate.

    Crenshaw then replied, that he would go anywhere the controller thought was the quickest route across weather. The controller replied that he did not have a better route. The controller told Crenshaw to maintain at 12,000 feet , as the plane started to descend . Crenshaw was then advised that turning to the east or southeast would put them away from the weather. As he tried to do so, the plane continued descending thru 5,800 feet. At that point, the controller asked Crenshaw to check his altitude.Report said the last thing they heard Crenshaw say was "I'm doing the best I can," shortly after radar contact was lost.

    At the site of the crash, when it happened, witnesses described this to ABC 3340's Amber Grigley as something they have never seen before. They said they heard a loud boom and before they knew it, a plane was spinning through the air toward the ground. Plane debris landed in five different locations, the debris was recovered from the sites and retained for further examination.

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