Bluetooth headset helped save Tuscaloosa clerk during shooting

Investigators with Tuscaloosa County Metro Homicide said the Chevron gas station at 7836 Highway 69 South was robbed Christmas Eve night.

A Bluetooth headset helped save a store clerk's life in Tuscaloosa.

According to workers, two masked men demanded the store lights be turned off. The suspects then tied up the male clerk, shot him, stole cash and locked the clerk inside the store.

The clerk happened to be mid-conversation on his Bluetooth headset when the suspects entered the store.

"He was tied up. He was bound. He couldn't do anything. Luckily, he had been on the phone with a friend. The friend became concerned and called his brother and sister and said he thought something was wrong. They rushed here and were able to call 911," said a co-worker who did not want to be identified.

The clerk is recovering at home after a bullet was removed near his rib cage.

Metro Homicide continues their search for the two armed men.

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