Brothers charged in robbery, beating of 67-year-old man

    Pedro Cesar Sotres and Phillip Lee Sotres are being held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail without the option of bond. (Tuscaloosa County Jail)<p>{/p}

    Two Tuscaloosa County brothers were arrested and charged in the robbery and beating of a 67-year-old man.

    The victim had no recollection of his assault due to retrograde amnesia, so investigators developed suspect leads through an extensive investigation. Tuscaloosa deputies say Pedro and Phillip Sotres confessed to robbing and assaulting the victim, as well as stealing his car early Saturday morning. The brothers assaulted the man when he walked out of his home on Peterson Loop Road to head to work. Police believe Phillip Sotres acted as his brother's accomplice.

    Deputies arrested the brothers and recovered the stolen car at a Pleasant Grove Road home Wednesday morning. Four others at the home were also arrested, two on various drug charges and two on outstanding warrants.

    ABC 33/40 spoke with the niece of the 67 year-old Peterson man who was beaten and robbed on his way to work. She said the pain it put her family through is unimaginable.

    "It makes me really angry. You shouldn't have to worry about walking out your own front door into your yard. It's really sad."

    It wasn't until later in the afternoon family discovered what had happened, when the victim never showed up to work.

    "When I called him two to three times and he didn't respond, I thought he was dead," the victim's niece said.

    The news spread quickly through the neighborhood. Longtime resident Mary Montgomery said her house was hit in a series of burglaries last month.

    Montgomery said the incident made her fear for her own safety.

    The Sortes brothers are being held in the Tuscaloosa County Jail without bond after their bond was revoked on previous charges.

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