Burger joint worker shames lactose-intolerant woman for requesting no cheese

Burger joint receipt (Viewer submitted to ABC 33/40)

An Alabama woman is outraged after a burger joint worker made an insensitive remark on her receipt.

The woman, a regular at Henry's Burger & Cream, tells ABC 33/40's Andrew Donley she ordered a burger without cheese for her lactose-intolerant coworker. When the order came out with cheese, she asked an employee to remove the cheese, as initially requested.

The woman says she had to drive back to the restaurant to pick up the correct order, and she noticed the remark on her receipt, "No cheese on this dam burger crazy b**** ordered it."

Donley spoke with the owner of the restaurant, who says they've never had anything like this happen before. She says the customer's dairy allergy was not disclosed to restaurant staff at any time. The owner says she has addressed the complaint with employee and will take care of the customer, who is a regular patron.

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