Calhoun County teenager credited with holding burglary suspect at gunpoint

The Calhoun County Sheriff's Office said 17-year-old Patrick Denton held a juvenile burglary suspect at gunpoint last week until authorities arrived. The suspect is one of six juveniles facing more than 70 criminal charges related to a string of break-in's last week across Calhoun County (

A teenage boy armed with a pistol was credited for helping capture one of six suspects authorities say were involved in a string of break-ins last week across Calhoun County.

Patrick Denson told ABC 33/40 News he wasn't sure what he'd find when he walked behind his grandparent's house on July 4th. He went to check the home after he heard about the manhunt nearby,

"I heard some sheriff's yelling in the woods and so I stood up on top one of the air conditioners and one of the suspects came running around the corner and I held the gun up on him and told him to freeze and I held him there until the police arrived and arrested him....he kept saying he didn't do anything wrong."

The teenager Denson helped capture near Camp Lee was one of six juveniles from Georgia involved in a string of break-in's and car burglaries between July 3rd-4th said Calhoun County Sheriff Matthew Wade. The sheriff said each one faces charges related to more than 72 reported break-in attempts in the City of Anniston and Calhoun County.

"That was their job. Go out and commit as much crime as possible."

Stolen guns were recovered from the suspects' getaway car according to the sheriff. A girl in the group had been indicted on at least 20 felony charges in her home state Wade said. Authorities were not able to release the names of the suspects because they will be charged as juveniles.

"Just because they're young doesn't mean they weren't dangerous," said the sheriff.

Denson said he was not sure he would have confronted the suspect had he known of the group's alleged criminal past. "They didn't believe it at first," said Denson of when he told his parent's what happened. "But I told them the Sheriff was there and everything. They were startled, making sure I was okay."

Wade said Denson will have a job waiting for him at the sheriff's office if he ever needs it.

"I gave him a coin. I wish I could have given him more..we're very thankful he did what he did. We're very proud of him."

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