Calhoun County working to get federal relief for storm damage

Home with storm damage in Calhoun County (

Storm victims are wondering, 'Where is FEMA?'

After tornadoes tore through parts of Alabama on March 19th. Many EMA Directors across Central Alabama tell ABC 33/40, it's all a waiting game.

Calhoun County's EMA director tells me if this tornado response calls for federal assistance, those funds will help reimburse the cost to the county and the city in debris clean-up, as well as emergency response costs.

Calhoun County EMA director Jonathan Gaddy says since the tornado, they have made great progress in clean-up efforts, but they need more financial assistance.

"We're also hopeful that we can get some additional assistance in here from FEMA that will help out some of the residences, especially some of those that are either uninsured or underinsured," said Gaddy.

He says preliminary assessment cost for the damage is at $4.5 million dollars, just for Jacksonville and Calhoun County. Damage at Jacksonville State University is still being tallied but may be enough to meet a $7 million dollar threshold needed for federal funding.

"We're working very closely with the state right now to categorize those costs and share that information with FEMA, trying to get that assistance here as quick as we can," said Gaddy.

Gaddy says there is a state disaster recovery fund that was set up if federal funds are not granted. He says legislators are currently in talks with Montgomery about the possible funding right now.

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