Cameras installed at 3 Blount County covered bridges

Blount County bridge video 2.jpg

Blount County officials are trying to catch the people responsible for vandalizing covered bridges in the county. Now county leaders have installed surveillance cameras to catch people in the act. They've been up and running for about two weeks, and cost the county $25,000 dollars to install.

The bridges are piece of history. Each has stood the test of time. But now they're being defaced. Some people are spray painting and writing on them. Officials say it usually happens at night. The surveillance cameras captured some suspects in the act, and they are monitored by the 911 center. When a dispatcher sees an act of vandalism in progress, officers are alerted.

The cameras on all the bridges capture very clear pictures. The resolution is high enough that police can see license plates.

The cameras aren't just catching bad things. They've also captured a marriage proposal.

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