Burglary suspect arrested outside Jefferson County Courthouse

(Jefferson County Jail)

A 30-year-old burglary suspect was arrested outside the Jefferson County Courthouse Wednesday evening.

On May 20, deputies responded to Berrywood Road on report of a car break-in. The victim told deputies a man was inside one of her vehicles and ran to a green Chevrolet Z-71 when she began to yell at him.

The victim discovered three vehicles were broken into and a handgun, cash and baby stroller were stolen.

Deputies obtained surveillance images of the man breaking into cars and learned the suspect's vehicle was reported stolen the same day. The truck owner's daughter later called authorities to report the truck recovered by her father, but when investigators spoke with the owner he was unaware the truck was reported stolen and did not recover it. Deputies then learned the truck was typically driven by the owner's daughter and her boyfriend.

The boyfriend, Caleb Gossett, was identified as the man seen on surveillance.

After obtaining warrants for Gossett's arrest, deputies left the courthouse to find Gossett pulled up to the curb in the same green truck seen used during the break-ins. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says Gossett was driving his girlfriend to the courthouse in an unrelated matter. Deputies immediately arrested him and walked him to the jail.

Gossett is charged with three counts of unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle, one count of second degree theft of property and one count of third degree theft of property and being a felon in possession of a firearm. He is being held in the Jefferson County Jail on $300,000 bond.

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