Carbon Hill couple brings 2,400 pounds of hay to Louisiana

Dennis MacArthur and Lorna Revord are taking 2,400 pounds of hay to Louisiana.

When natural disasters hit, we think of saving human lives and household pets. In this case of flood and devastation in Louisiana, Dennis MacArthur and Lorna Revord said horses and other farm animals need help too. Which is why they are they making the six-hour-drive to Louisiana to deliver hay and other supplies.

Lorna Revord explained at the Tack Tavern Ranch in Carbon Hill on Sunday, "Most people forget about large animals." Revord has a reason for taking 2,400 pounds of hay to the bayou. "The large animals, they're standing belly deep in water," said Revord. "Even when the water recedes, it's not like they are going to be able to eat on the pasture right away."

Revord and her partner, Dennis MacArthur, own horses and know how much care the animals need. When ABC 33/40 asked what supplies would be delivered they answered,"Water buckets, halters, lead ropes,bits and bridles."

While both are traveling to the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, Louisiana, MacArthur credited Revord for the idea. MacArthur said, "She's always the soft touch, the soft heart." He also explained, the world deserves more acts of kindness. "It seems like today, no one is really looking out for the other person," stated MacArthur. "Hopefully this will shine a lot on more people needing help down there, in various ways, whether it's people, horses, or dogs."

With a full trailer and ample supplies ready for the haul, Revord and MacArthur hit the road. The couple believes, they will reap, what they sow. "And I do believe everything that you do in life comes back to you," Revord said. "You know if you can do just a little bit of good, maybe it makes your life just a little bit better and makes you have a good sleep at night."

The two plan to make the journey in a day.

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