Central Alabama student recorded spouting racial slurs in video


    A disturbingly racist video is circulating on social media of a central Alabama student using a racial slur.

    According to the mother who posted the video, the young lady in it is a Hoover City Schools student, who goes to Spain Park.

    We beeped it out but she uses the "n-word" many times while her friend laughs in the background.

    We showed the video to some Hoover parents, naturally they were appalled.

    But father of twins at Berry Middle School Norbert Williams says, he's not surprised, this is the type of thing he says he sees happening across the nation.

    We asked the school system about the video, they sent us this:

    We are aware of this situation which took place off school property. School administrators began an investigation on Monday. The views expressed by this student in no way represent the values of our school system.

    As far as action taken against the student, they say the incident is still under investigation.

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