Centre cotton gin expected to boost production


Farmers in Cherokee County say they are expecting a record-breaking cotton crop this year. One group is planning to pick up production in a new way.

Cotton crops aren't hard to find in Cherokee County. The team at Cherokee Gin & Cotton Company say business is up this year.

"The state's projected to produce about one million bales of cotton," Rich Lindsey, manager of Cherokee Gin & Cotton Company said, "and we hope to gin about 80,000 to 85,000 pounds right here at Cherokee Gin and Cotton Company."

A new gin is under construction at the company's new facility in Centre. The gin can produce about 50 bales per hour.

"There's not been a gin built in Alabama in 20 years," Lindsey said, "but this year there are two being built, this one here in Cherokee County and another in the Tennessee Valley."

Lindsey says cotton is the cash crop in the county. He says the weather and soil in Cherokee County are suitable for the plant to grow.

They hope to have the gin up and running by Thanksgiving.

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