Affordable child care options in Alabama


    When it comes to finding a person to care for your child, it is seldom easy. Safety and affordability are key concerns.

    Working parents quickly discover finding a daycare for their child is costly.

    "I've got several really good friends whose children have been in daycare since they were at a very young age, and it's very expensive," Sarah Higgins, an Anniston resident said.

    Higgins says she has family to help take care of her son.

    "My mother was retired when I had Drew," Higgins said about her son. "We're very fortunate to have her want to keep him each day."

    According to the Economic Policy Institute, the cost of child care in Alabama is about $5,600 annually. That breaks down to approximately $470 each month.

    "It really became a burden for some of our members, so we just decided to go ahead and open up [a daycare] so we may be able to assist them," Pastor Eugene Leonard Jr. said.

    Pastor Leonard owns TLC Kids Academy in Anniston. He says his business offers affordable childcare for some who might not be able to afford it otherwise.

    "You had [daily] childcare prices upward of $150, $160 for infants, $110 for toddler," Leonard explained, "Therefore, we decided to shave that tremendously to be a blessing and a help to those in the community."

    Alabama offers some of the lowest costs for childcare in the county, along with states like Mississippi and Tennessee. However, these three states also have lower median family incomes compared to other states.

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